Beer-IPA (Set of 4)

Beer-IPA (Set of 4)

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Erika Lagerbielke


Our India Pale Ale glasses are robust and a little different, just like the beer after which they’re named. IPA is a beer that is rich in hops, malt aroma and flavor. IPA dare to try the unexpected and go your own way.

“IPA is essentially an ale, a top-fermented beer, so it should theoretically be ideal for a tall, straight ale glass, but that’s not the case. The high content of hops and malt produces a lot of aroma and taste, and usually a higher alcohol content, which means that undesired residual aromas of sulphur that are otherwise in an ale are not noticed. So an IPA glass should definitely have a form that doesn’t hide anything, but emphasises aroma and taste by narrowing at the top.” 

- Erika Lagerbielke, Professor in Glass Design