Blue Blooms Small Cylinder Jug - NEW PATTERN!

Blue Blooms Small Cylinder Jug - NEW PATTERN!

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Blue Blooms is a new version of an old favourite, a classic design in a classic blue colour.  Even though tulips are never blue in real life, we decided to create our own.  Blue is almost a neutral in ceramic terms and blends well with other colours, other blues and all sorts of food colours.  It brings food to life and brings a cheerful touch to kitchens and dining rooms: it will even work well with Grandma's willow pattern.

Our blue floral is striking, upright but wavy, and full of movement.  Mixes perfectly with ~Dark Blue Lawn and Light Blue Lawn.

Our Small Cylinder Jugs may be small, but they have an astoundingly large range of uses!

From serving milk at a family breakfast, pouring cream for dessert, or even holding fragrant flowers, these pottery jugs are suitable for any occasion. After all, each handmade pottery piece is carefully crafted in Ireland to ensure the design is both durable and beautiful.


11cm h (4.3" h)

0.400l v (0.84pt v)

Handmade Spongeware from Co. Kilkenny Ireland.