Bread Baking Box - de Buyer

Bread Baking Box - de Buyer

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DESCRIPTION The perfect gift to yourself or to a bread lover in your life, this limited edition packaged box includes the essentials to bake bread, baguettes, or loaves to perfection:

* Perforated baking tray for 2 baguettes made of nonstick steel (Length: 14.5"; Width: 6.4"; Height: 1"; Weight: 0.6lbs) 

* Rectangular mold made of nonstick steel (Length: 12"; Width: 4.25"; Height: 2.75"; Weight: 0.6lbs)

* Baker blade to score the dough before baking

* Dough scraper

* Recipe included from Benoit Castel, an artisan baker Comes in eco-friendly packaging. USE & CARE * We recommend that all utensils are hand-washed