Decorative Trees - Festa - Eco Gres by Costa Nova

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Fine stoneware. Made in Portugal.

Festa Decorative Trees

Inspired by the 1970s era ceramic trees but presented in Costa Nova's sustainable Eco Gres.  Suited for anyone who appreciates this clean aesthetic.  The trees come in 3 sizes:

13", 10" & 8"

Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. As a precaution, we recommend washing oversized and more delicate pieces by hand.

Let's preserve the atmosphere at your table with the Festa collection. Made with our Ecogres paste, a unique composition of clay and recycled materials, the essence of sustainable economics, it highlights the endless nature of combinations to fit each gathering. By combining these sustainable shapes with the disposables of the past, the Festa collection was born. Combine the party environment with the environment to create beautiful dishes that demonstrate the true nature of our land to your guests.