Mushroom - Loofah-Art

Mushroom - Loofah-Art

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Loofah made into colorful kitchen and bath scrubbers.

Owner:  "Years ago I got the idea to “take loofah out of the bath and put it into the kitchen”! At that time there were no genuine all natural, earth-friendly and bio-degradable scrubbers on the market. I came across some impoverished farmers in a developing country who desperately needed help in selling their organic loofah and they asked me to come up with an idea. Having been very involved in the Housewares and Gift industries for several years it was a real “natural” for me to wake up one morning with kitchen scrubbers on my mind! Then I thought...they must be fun and whimsical yet practical and totally non-scratch: Loofah-Art was born."

Handmade in India