Mixologist 9-Piece Cocktail Set - Libbey

Mixologist 9-Piece Cocktail Set - Libbey

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The Libbey Mixologist 9-piece Cool Cocktails Set provides all the professional-quality barware you need, whatever your abilities. It even includes a mixing glass with delicious recipes printed right on it! In minutes, you'll blow everyone away with your skills and then get right back to hanging out with your guests. Featuring:

* Taps into the booming craft cocktail and home mixologist trend

* Stainless steel, wooden, and glass components instantly turn your home bar into a high-quality center of attention with a comprehensive 9-piece cocktail set including recipes

* Includes 1, 2-ounce shot glass; 1, 20-ounce mixing glass; 1 metal strainer; 1 wooden muddler; 1 metal stir spoon; 1 metal shaker base; and 1, 3-piece metal shaker

* Lead-free